New York City Photo Studio - Rype Studios
Sunlit photography studio in New York City focused on food & gathering people together

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Kitchen Shelf:




Kitchen Drawers Top Level





All of our equipment is availble for your use and is included in the price of the studio rental.

Grip & Props

8 ft FOBA Gamma Camera Stand
Rolling Media Cart
4 X 10 ft C stands with adjustable reflector arm
6 X 10 ft heavy duty light stands
6 X Manfrotto 74-Inch Nano Stand
2 X 300W Bowens Mount battery operated strobes
55” octagon modifier bowens mount
24”x26” bowens mount softbox
2 crossbars
5 X Sandbags
Apple Boxes in various sizes
Gaffer tape (black and white)
Reflector clamps
Large A clamps
Large 5-1 bounce / diffuser
3 large seamless diffusion fabric / scrim material
6ft x 15ft white seamless muslin backdrop
9ft x 15ft white seamless muslin backdrop
53-inch wide white & black seamless paper
3 X 4 X 8ft V Flats
Various sizes of white & black foam core for bounce
4 X 4ft folding tables
3 X 6ft folding tables
6 X Sawhorses
7 X 50 ft Extension cords
Rolling rack with 50 hangers
Various table top props - plates, bowls, cups, glassware, flatware, etc..
Blue/grey 32”x32” surface
White/grey 32”x32” surface
White plaster 32”x32” surface
Gray stone 32”x32” surface
Marble 32”x32” surface
Warm stone 24”x24” surface


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